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Motorized Rafting

Motorized River Rafting Vacations

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says "Motorized Rafting" is whitewater trips down the Grand Canyon. Motorized Rafting is for those who want to experience the breath taking beauty of the Grand Canyon from beginning to end, but do not have the time to go for a longer trip. Motorized Rafting trips use a 33' to 39' rubber pontoon raft specially constructed for running the awesome rapids of the Grand Canyon. Motorized Rafting is for thoese who want a safe and comfortable trip in a shorter time. You will fully experience the magnificent whitewater of the Grand Canyon but still have time for hiking the splendid side canyons and alcoves.

There are other rivers that offer Motorized River Rafting Vacations as well such as Cataract Canyon on the upper Colorado River. If your vacation time is short and you want to see it all ask a professional outfitter what they offer for Motorized River Rafting Vacations. Here is a list to start with for a truly gratifying vacation experience to last a lifetime....


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