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A Oregon family camping trip puts you back in touch with nature. The warmth of the sun on your skin, blue skies with puffy clouds, beautiful sunsets and gazing at the stars at night. Oregon family camping can be part of an activity such as Whitewater Rafting, where you camp on a beach each evening with a scrumptious dinner prepared by your professional river guide. Whitewater rafting is a great Family Camping Trip.

Oregon camping is the rest and relaxing after a day of activity whether fishing, hiking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting - you get the idea. Outfitters usually provide you with the basics of what you will need such as a sleeping bag & pad, tent, eating utensils etc. All you need to do is provide is your outdoor camping clothes, hat, flashlight, sunscreen, personal gear such as your toothbrush and a good attitude. Outfitters will provide you with a list of what to bring for their trip. A Oregon camping trip is so much more comfortable today with folding chairs, warm campfires, cold drinks and some outfitters even offer wine or beer tasting, live music, geology and naturalist lectures.

If the weather changes on your Oregon camping trip it is best to layer your clothes. Your base layer should be a fabric that will wick away moisture and keep you warm. Add insulative layers as needed and top it off with a protective layer to shed wind and rain such as a parka with a hood.

When camping don't disarrange the scene, move a lot of rocks, dig, etc. Use tents or tarps. Never cut boughs for poles, or put nails in trees. Don't leave micro garbage behind. Don't harm fragile vegetation. Climbing the bank of a river destroys vegetation, muddies the water and accelerates erosion. This action can have serious consequences for the wildlife which inhabit this riparian area.

Remember to bring sun-screen on your next Oregon camping trip!


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White Water Warehouse, Inc.

Schaefers Guide Service

Turtle River Rafting Company

Wilderness Adventures, Inc.

Wilderness Ventures

Oregon River Experiences

Sun Country Tours, Inc.

O.A.R.S. (Outdoor Adventure River Specialists)

Rogue Canyon Adventures

American River Touring Association (ARTA)

Jim's Oregon Whitewater & Adventures in Fi

All Star Rafting & Kayaking

Outdoor Adventures, Inc.

Outward Bound USA

Sevy Guide Service, Inc.

Rogue Wilderness, Inc.

Ouzel Outfitters - Family Wilderness Trips

Wanderlust Tours

Backcountry Found

Wapiti River Guides

Living Waters Recreation

Tributary Whitewater Tours

Northwest Voyageurs, LLC

Orange Torpedo Trips

O'Brien's Rogue River Outfitters

Oregon Ridge & River Excursions & Swiftwater Park

Rogue River Raft Trips, Inc.

Barker River Trips, Inc.

Arrowhead River Adventures

Hughes River Expeditions, Inc.

AAAA River Rider, Inc.

Erekson Outfitters

High Desert Drifters Guides & Outfitters, Inc

Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions

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