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  Rogue Canyon Adventures

Available:  April - October

Rogue River Rafting Journey

Rogue River

   Trip Description

On Destination Wilderness' Rogue river white water rafting trips one can experience the Rogue in the most satisfying of ways. Our multi-day trips down this 34 mile stretch through roadless wilderness begin and end with attention to your comfort, safety, and satisfaction: from a fresh cup of coffee or hot chocolate when you meet your trip leader to the celebration ale at trip's end, and everything in between. Our Rogue river white water rafting trips offer a variety of top-notch equipment and water crafts from which to choose: Paddle rafts, oar boats, and inflatable kayaks each provide unique ways to float the calms and sachet through rapids. The food is equally diverse and impressive: fresh, steaming hot breakfasts, tasty and filling deli-style lunches, satisfying happy hour snacks and beverages, and dinners that even the discriminating diners would label as first-rate. And our guides are regarded as among the best in the industry. Their years of experience running Rogue river white water rafting trips and other rivers throughout the world enable them to weave tales, captain rafts, focus on safety, and provide comforts with a skill and charm that you will always remember.

  • Trip Duration: 4.00 days
  • Destination: United States
  • Region: Oregon
  • Price Range:  $651-$850 per person
  • Experience:  Friends, First-Timers, Independent, Veterans
  • Difficulty:   Moderate
  • Minimum Age: 6
  • Activity Option:  Inflatable Kayak, Fishing, Birdwatching, Hiking
  • Accommodations: Wilderness Tent Camping

Special Features:
The Rogue river white water rafting trip takes place in one of the most poetic canyons on earth and still serves up some classic white water, perfect for first-time river runners, families, and experienced rafters seeking a premier adventure. The wilderness of this canyon is special. Pine and oak blanket the canyon walls, rendering a tapestry of green. Dancing white water splashes down quick turn raceways. Giant, smooth, black boulders line the river, forcing rafts to squeeze with inches to spare through mini-canyons. Wildlife often ambles along shore. And sparkling side-canyon waterfalls cascade into the river.

Other Services:
Shuttle included

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