3 day Westwater Canyon - River - Whitewater Raft Trips

  Sheri Griffith River Expeditions

Available:  April - October

3 day Westwater Canyon

Colorado River (Westwater Canyon)

   Trip Description

Westwater Canyon for three days is an ideal balance of mellow bird watching, exhilarating whitewater rafting and perfect camping. Part of the time you will drift leisurely at the rivers pace; at night you will relax at beautiful camp site near the Colorado River. The rest of the time your will enjoy extremely fun rapids as the Colorado River forces its way into the narrow Black Granite Gorge forming renowned rapids like Sock-it-to-me, Funnel Falls, Last Chance and the infamous Skull Rapid.

  • Trip Duration: 3.00 days
  • Destination: United States
  • Region: Utah
  • Price Range:  $251-$450 per person
  • Experience:  Families, Friends, First-Timers, Mature, Independent, Veterans
  • Difficulty:   Intermediate
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Activity Option:  Inflatable Kayak, Birdwatching, Hiking
  • Accommodations: Wilderness Tent Camping

Trip Start Dates:
3-4-2005, 3-11-2005, 3-18-2005, 3-25-2005, 4-4-2005, 4-11-2005, 4-18-2005, 4-25-2005, 5-12-2005, 5-26-2005, 6-2-2005, 6-9-2005, 6-15-2005, 6-23-2005, 6-29-2005, 7-4-2005, 7-11-2005, 7-18-2005, 7-25-2005, 8-3-2005, 8-15-2005, 8-19-2005, 8-25-2005, 8-30-2005, 9-3-2005, 9-10-2005, 9-15-2005, 9-22-2005

Special Features:
Westwater has all the components of a classic river trip: great whitewater, wonderful camp sites, lots of good hikes, remote wilderness canyon, excellent opportunities for mud baths and water fights, flat water to practice inflatable kayak skills and more. This river trip leaves you wishing for more. The awesome landscape and exhilarating rapids motivate you to release your busy life and embrace an adventurous positive outlook.

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