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Available:  July - September

Basque Coast Tour

   Trip Description

The original “Basque Adventure”. The best way to know deeply how the Basque Culture is, meeting his people, relishing his gastronomy and wines, exploring his Natural Parks and relaxing in his beaches and in our fantastic Rural Guest House at night. All this guided by the best experts in these lands. After this adventure you will be able to understand why the “basques” love so much this land and his identity.

  • Trip Duration: 6.00 days
  • Destination: Spain
  • Region: 
  • Price Range:  $651-$850 per person
  • Experience:  Families, Friends, Mature, Veterans
  • Difficulty:   Intermediate
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Activity Option:  Inflatable Kayak, Birdwatching, Hiking
  • Accommodations: Lodge

Special Features:
The Basque Country offers to the visitor a different culture, a delicious source of culinary delight, a fantastic landscape contrasted with appealing cities and cosy villages. A different culture: When you come to the Basque Country, you will notice that the people play peculiar sports, wear unique clothing, and speak in a strange language (Euskara). The Basques are a different, proud, and loyal people who will be glad to welcome you and show you who they are and how they live. A delicious gastronomy: The finest harvest provided by the land and the sea: fresh meat, fish and veggies, (not to mention an ongoing competition among the Basques chefs), has resulted in the creation of delicious dishes that will charm your palate. One example of the fine cuisine are the “tapas” (pintxos) in Euskadi, which are among the best in Spain. A taste sensation that shouldn’t be missed! A fantastic landscape: “Too green to be Spain, and too rugged to be France”, is a perfect definition of the Basque lands. Surrounded by mountains and facing the sea the Basque Country is a land of colour: the greens of its valleys, the blue of the Cantabric Sea and the grey of its mountains and cliffs. Appealing cities and cosy villages: The beautiful SanSebastian and the modern Bilbao will surprise you. There is a relaxing atmosphere around these Basque cities. Away from the urban centres, the Basque’s heart beats loud with the call of ancestors. Rural life includes: the green hills, the colourful fishing fleets, the pelota, the berets, and the slope-roofed stone farmhouses that are built to last.

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