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Available:  January - December

Mexico Salt Water

Sea of Cortez

   Trip Description

Situated on the white sandy beaches of the legendary Sea of Cortez these lodges are at the doorstep of some of the most world-renowned fishing. Such famous seaman as Jacques Cousteau, John Steinbeck, and Zane Grey have decumented these waters. John Wayne even spoke of this water. What was their reason for their marvel of these waters? The big game fishing of course. From 600 pound blue and black marling or the acrobatics of 200 pound striped marlin, to 200 pound yellow finned tuna, the freight train of the sea, or beautiful sailfish, this is truly a big game fish heaven. Hidden among acres of tropical gardens and winding pathways, these lodges are a true work of art. Containing all the ameities including workout facilities, pool, jacuzzi, tennis and racquetball courts, and massage therapy plus you also find all the equipment you need for snorkeling and diving. Anchored just off shore is Mexico's largest and most modern fleet of sportfishing boats. Experienced guides and mates will make sure your trip to the Sea of Cortez is memorable.

  • Trip Duration: 0.00 days
  • Destination: Mexico
  • Region: 
  • Price Range:  $1051-$2000 per person
  • Experience:  Families, Friends, First-Timers, Mature, Veterans
  • Difficulty:   Beginner
  • Minimum Age: 1
  • Activity Option: 
  • Accommodations: Hotel

Special Features:
Warm weather, great beaches, great fishing and great amenities make this vacation paradise just right for the family, or a group of friends.

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