Copper River Expedition - River - Scenic Float

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Available:  June - September

Copper River Expedition

Copper River

   Trip Description

The Copper River Expedition: Alaska wilderness and wildlife! Six days are spent rafting through this unforgettable wilderness where the setting alternates from steep and deep canyons to broad expansive plains leading to towering peaks. Each day brings new topography and vistas, all spectacular and awe-inspiring. Glaciers crowd the river, trees pepper the hillsides, wildlife roams the shore, and side-canyon rivers spill crystal clear water into the glacially-silted Copper. This is an Alaska river rafting float trip at its finest. The river grows and grows, eventually reaching flows up to ten times those regularly found in the Grand Canyon. Day after incredible day we are able to enjoy the power of the Copper and observe the wild nature of this region. While the Copper can be run in fewer days, our six-day trips do justice to the Copper River and the incredible surroundings. Just a few hours into the trip you will realize the spectacular nature of this place and revel in a pace that allows for hikes up to glaciers, walks to towering waterfalls, fishing for tasty Salmon, relaxing next to a fire, spending an extra hour or extra day in a poetic place, or just plain sitting around on the edge of a river in the heart of pure Alaska wilderness.

  • Trip Duration: 6.00 days
  • Destination: United States
  • Region: Alaska
  • Price Range:  $1051-$2000 per person
  • Experience:  Friends, First-Timers, Mature, Independent, Veterans
  • Difficulty:   Beginner
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Activity Option:  Hiking,
  • Accommodations: Wilderness Tent Camping

Special Features:
Alaska river rafting on the Copper river, through one of the world's most dramatic canyons, will render a lifetime of memories. Offering an abundance of wildlife, cascading waterfalls, glaciers that often calve right into the river, and mild white water, this river trip floats 100 miles towards the sea, allowing for a classic passage from the heart of Alaska's majestic mountains to the sparkling Prince William Sound. As with all of our Alaska river rafting trips, the Copper River Expedition provides a complete and unforgettable immersion into one of the grandest and most remote wilderness areas on earth. Witnessing first-hand the power of water and ice and the stunning panoramas of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park can be considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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